Join the Photo PetitionRaise your hand. Join the Movement.

Hands up if you think more messing with the planet is the wrong answer to the climate crisis. Add your picture to a gallery of people from around the world calling a stop to geoengineering experiments.
Upload your picture on this page.

Let Geoengineering Talk to the Hand and join the campaign by sending in a photograph with a message in the H.O.M.E. spirit written on your palm.

Your picture, message, and location will appear in our image gallery as a first step on the road towards strengthening a global resistance movement to geoengineering schemes. Once you have completed the form and uploaded a picture below please also retype the ‘security code’ in the blank box you see below.

You will receive a confirmation message if your photo has uploaded successfully.

Image not appearing on the gallery page?
Send your photo with your message as the subject to

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