David Suzuki: “Geoengineering is insane”

“We know what is creating our problem with climate and we know the best solution, which is to accept that mother nature, not governments or corporations sets the limits and we’ve got to meet those limits. Geoengineering is Insane.” – David Suzuki, Candian Scientist, broadcaster and activist.

I thank you for this initiative. If we have learned anything from the past, it is that while we are very clever at inventing powerful new technologies, our knowledge of how the world works and is interconnected is almost zero.

So we do things like explode nuclear bombs over Japan and then discover years later there is a thing called radioactive fallout, electromagnetic pulses of gamma rays and nuclear winter. We use DDT only to discover biomagnification years later when eagles begin to die off. We use CFCs and years later discover impacts on the ozone layer. The world is complex and tightly interconnected and our perturbations are alien impacts with enormous but unpredictable repercussions.

We know what is creating our problem with climate and we know the best solution, which is to accept that mother nature, not governments or corporations sets the limits and we’ve got to meet those limits.

That’s the problem and that’s the solution. How we do it, is each society’s problem but nature dictates the conditions. But we impose our political jurisdictions and our creations like economics as the driving conditions to be fulfilled by any strategy. Won’t work. So instead, we find ways that will allow us to carry on as we are and as the problem gets worse and worse, we have to turn to more and more heroic solutions which will have enormous, but unpredictable repercussions.

Geoengineering is insane.

Geoengineering is insane. Take the one the Harper government clings to as its excuse for doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture and sequestration. Until very recently, it was thought life petered out at bedrock. But people found organisms deeper and deeper underground. Now we know there are bacteria many kilometers underground, organisms that have been there for millions and millions of years, organisms so different from anything we know above earth that we have to create new PHYLA to classify them. We have no idea what role they might play in transfer of nutrients deep in the earth, of energy from the magma or water flowing through. We just don’t know if they play any role above ground or what they do beneath ground.

Experts estimate there is more protoplasm below the earth than there is above it and we know nothing about them. I asked Tullis Onstott, one of the world’s experts on these creatures, what he thought the effect of pumping millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the ground would be. He said “I have no idea, but the methanogens will love it.” Methanogens are bacteria that take up carbon dioxide and convert it to methane which is 22 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide!!! We are too smart for our own good. I have not heard one word about life underground in this discussion.

Please sign me up to support your movement.

David Suzuki

23 thoughts on “David Suzuki: “Geoengineering is insane”

  1. Haven’t got a clue where David Suzuki really sits on the NWO issue of global warming *see The Great Global Warming Swindle* but I was glad to hear someone else mention UofC professor David Keith and his paper on geoengineering. WeAreChange Calgary is currently trying to arrange an interview with him about chemtrails. We’ll see where he sits on the issue but I don’t have high hopes as he is funded in part by Mr Depopulation himself, Bill Gates.
    Incidentally, Steve, your comment is still there.

    1. If you watch a little film on youtube called What In The World are They Spraying Dr. Keith reveals himself quite nicely. For one thing he says there is no morality involved. In fact, he says, all we are doing is kind of borrowing against our grandchildren. Goes on to say that there are studies showing none of the chemicals involved are harmful. When questioned specifically about aluminum, which is sitting at 60k the limit of safe on the ground, he backtracks in a hurry. Take a look for yourself.

  2. David,indeed this is 200% insane!!!Please speak up more for us…I am fed up with this desecration of our children’s future! I did see “What in the World are they Spraying” and I also have a friend in SanDiego who has taken many photos of this disgraceful activity.If you haven’t seen this doc. already folks watch it!PLEASE!

  3. Admirable as it may be, all that David Suzuki says amounts to nothing until he starts telling his millions of fans that the real enemy of nature is capitalism.

    Capitalism that can only be healthy if it is continuously expanding on this finite planet of ours. Capitalism that converts the common heritage of all life on Earth to the private property owned by a tiny minority of the human inhabitants of our planet. Capitalism that that pits us in competition with each other and ensures that the rich, by virtue of the greater power they derive from the wealth, get richer and the poor get poorer and are forced into ecologically destructive behaviour just to ensure subsistence. Capitalism which indescriminitely destroys ecosystems for the sake of turning a profit because corporations are compelled to make a profit or die.

    Many great civilizations have arisen and fallen throughout history but none have had the power of capitalism to destroy the possibility of any future civilizations.

    As a well-respected man David Suzuki could have an enormous impact if he addressed the root cause of the ecological disasters that loom over life on this planet. Just once I would like to hear or read him talking about the consequences of the natural dynamics that capitalism sets in motion. He never mentions capitalism’s need to promote consumerism and capitalism’s dependency on waste in order for the economy to be healthy.

  4. William Thomas,
    Could it be that chemtrail aerosols are not actually being sprayed above his head?
    Did you ever consider that?

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  6. Hi, David. Thank you for all you have done to open our eyes to the marvels of the world. Now that you have our utmost trust, would you please, on behalf of all us terrified denizens of Earth, publicly investigate the ‘Chemtrail’, Stratospheric Aerosol Geo engineering phenomenon. WE SEE IT. WE ARE VERY AFRAID. There is strong evidence of a massive, global strategic program underway that uses aircraft to spread heavy metals, toxins and numerous other substances over every square inch of the planet. Is there some explanation other than it seems to be aimed at killing or changing all life here under the guise of preventing ‘manmade global warming’?

  7. “Daily Double”:
    As good as it sounds David Suzuki would be GONE if he stood firmly behind that comment.
    The masses are clearly being flamboozled by the compromised puppet government, peer review process and ‘science’/’scientists’ who are funded to prove global warming is man made.
    If anyone in an official capacity speaks out against the official story they’d be gone, too. William Thomas was fired from Monday Magazine for reporting on chemtrails thirteen years ago.
    Sept 9th, 2010: As has been going on for well over a decade, the US Military is spraying us with increasingly massive, ominous and poisonous chemtrails here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. As this summer came to a close the trend increased to the point of being an all out aerial assault (see “black chemtrail” video clips jokertattooo YouTube channel). With school starting up it seems as though they intend to try to revive their illegitimate (and lobotomizing) forced vaccination program by spraying us with masses of monolithic, black aerosol banks.
    The Americans have as little control over their government and military as we do with ours; the Warren and 9/11 Commissions blatant lack of funding and effort being a case in point.
    Contrary to popular belief “Uncle Sam” is just a patsy for the arrogant, parasitic, psychopathic and delusional global aristocracy/elitists bent on austerity, forced vaccination, population reduction and global domination.
    By utilizing their secret societies’ ruthless and insidious tactics the ruling group succeeded at infiltrating every significant industry, power structure, judicial system, military, law enforcement and alphabet agency on Earth. As their designers and agents of social control/psychology, PR departments and completely controlled media all perpetrate this colossal conspiracy, they’re sleepwalking (and spraying) humanity through a virtual quagmire to the very edge of the abyss.
    Unless brave and honest people like William Thomas stand up and refuse to be complicit, silent about or intimidated by the NWO government and its puppet masters the ultimate price we pay doubles daily.
    I am with him on this one; look who is walking the walk and pays the price:
    =>williamthomasonline DotNet


  9. If David Suzuki is truly opposed to “insane” geoengineering, why has he consistently refused pleas from Canadians to acknowledge the chemtrail aerosols being sprayed above his head?

    How about “Hands Off Our Eyes, Ears And Mouth?

  10. Wow, censoring! where did my comment go? I guess the rumor ETC is or was funded by Ford is true and Pat Mooney’s radio reference to chemtrails as a “Myth” says a lot about your intensions. Too bad you folks don’t really want to take a stand but thanks for showing your censoring side! Great youtube video it should be explaining this move by “HandsoffMotherearth” and the corporate line you are taking on this urgent issue. Peace, your acting like the ones that endorse geoengineering. Shameful, you can’t just be fashionable and an activist poverty pimp group can you?

  11. When we do large-scale altering, like say increasing the CO2 level of the atmosphere 25% over 100 years, there are unintended consequences: ocean acidification, weather extremes, permafrost meltdown, and lake tsunamis. That’s why we’re in this hole.

    Is it not madness to think that there won’t be massive unintended consequences from trillions of sparkly nanobots in the atmosphere? We can’t even get the little invasive things right, like introducing cane toads into the Australian ecosystem to eat the sugar cane grubs.

    Isn’t it kinda likely that billions of clouds pumped from cloudships will not just cool the atmosphere, but reshape the patterns of warming and cooling in unexpected ways? It’s not hard to imagine the US, Russia or China getting a little testy about their agriculture being wiped out by others’ climate manipulation.

    “Whoops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to make that happen.”

    The people proposing these plans are well-meaning savants. They tend to be engineers trained to build solutions; economists trained to presume that endless growth is not just possible, but a human right; technocrats trained to propagate the existing worldview; and politicians pandering to their funding base.

    We have yet to see prominent life scientists propose a geoengineering solution, probably because biologists have been trained in ecosystem interrelationships, and so think a few steps further down Implication Road.

    So let’s put world-scale geoengineering back into its science-fiction blockbuster hubris-box, and move on to what kinds of innovations ARE making a difference, on a smaller, broader, deeper, community scale.

    (adapted from our book, free at apocadocs.com)

  12. The earth must be deemed sacred before anything will truly change in long-term, far-reaching ways. Sacred, as in:

    “secured against violation, infringement, etc., as by reverence or sense of right: sacred oaths; sacred rights.”
    - Dictionary.Reference.com

    Anything that harms nature should be considered a crime against humanity. Humanity is just as much a part of nature as a tree or ocean or animal. It truly is insane to do anything but consider all of life to be sacred and secured against violation of any kind.

  13. Here we have the same old story, Dave is great because he doesn’t believe in Geo-engineering but believes the fraud Al Gore who was taken to court and lost in the U.K. . Please do yourself a favor if you still believe in “Global Warming” at least take the time and look at the facts yourself and compare the temperatures from years past to today, you WILL FIND the temperature has been decreasing over the years and not rising. Why is it cooler now than in the bronze age? Did they put out more C02 back then? Again see http://climate.weatheroffice.gc.ca/climateData/generate_chart_e.html?Prov=XX&timeframe=1&StationID=1750&Type=line&MeasTypeID=temp&Month=3&Day=3&Year=2007&cmdB1=Go
    and see for yourself.

  14. J F Kennedy did more atmospheric tests than any other president, watch who you trust, idolize and praise. The portrait/picture on this page out shadows the type!
    A statement on a webpage is one thing but will he question the current spraying over Canada so many have video taped blocking the sun? he has never been equally critical of the airlines regarding fuel dumping or exhaust. I trust nothing he says as long as corporations and tax dollars pay his comfortable life. Many are watching what he really will do to stop the experimentation over all humans on earth. He could be on the CBC getting all environmental this week on the issue if he really cared about the planet and us. Does Pembina fund David Keith (Calgary geoengineer) as well? look into that.

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